This week has seen the launch of Class 6’s new Reading Championships reward scheme. We are very keen in Class 6 to increase the percentage of children reading regularly.  Each morning during registration, pupils have chance to read a book of their choosing when they are up to date with their work.  Children must see Ms James each morning to have the amount of pages that they have read recorded and signed.  Children must complete the book before moving onto a new one and staff check that children are reading properly.  Once read, each book must be reviewed by the child on a special book review form.  This asks questions about the plot and characters and asks the child to draw a picture related to what they have read.  Once a book review is completed, the chid gets a book sticker to stick on the championship leader board outside Class 6.  The children will be awarded certificates in assembly and corresponding Dojo points for reaching each milestone…

Bronze Award – 5 book reviews

Silver award – 10 book reviews

Gold Award – 15 book reviews

Platinum Award – 25 book reviews

Class 6 are well on their way to being super reading champions!


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