It was a drizzly and blustery day for class 6 on their second trip to Embsay Crag this week.  Following on from their topic about Anglo-Saxons, the children embarked on a trip to the beautiful Yorkshire countryside to experience making Viking weapons and work as part of a team.  Mr Burtoft told the children about the history of the site and how it related to the topic.  The children were in high spirits, despite the cold and wet weather and were excited to start making axes, spears and Viking longboats.

Once the children had split into three groups, they began to make different weapons.  The axes were made from pieces of wood, tin foil and string, the spears were made from wood and the longboats were made from lolly sticks and gaffer tape.  As the children began to work in their small groups, the weather seemed to get worse and worse.  Soon, the weather was so bad that everyone was freezing cold and soaking wet through.  The children wearily made their way back to the minibuses for their (now soggy) sandwiches with their wellies squelching.

Unfortunately, on the way back to the buses, the weather got even worse and the wind howled, blowing the rain sideways.  Everyone had dripping wet clothes and icy cold fingers and toes.  Sadly, the decision was made to head back to school and continue our learning there with Mr Burtoft;


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