As part of our recent topic about Ancient Greece, the children have been studying ancient Greek buildings and what they might look like now.  They have now started making their own Greek temples and will eventually have each made a fully painted building, complete with crumbling stone walls and growing ivy.

Each temple takes around 3 hours to make and involves lots of intricate fine motor skills, problem solving, sculpting, carving, design technology and artistic vision.  The children are given a size guide for each of the pillars, steps, walls and roof and they use this to help them form the base of their Greek building.  To build the temple, the children are using a range of very specific tools and materials.  The foundations are built using air drying clay, which is carved into using lino cutting tools.  The sand is carefully sculpted from Mod Roc, which is blended into the clay steps with a very gentle technique.  The broken rocks are formed from paper flakes and the ivy is cut from dark green felt.

The children are working so hard on this project and we can’t wait to see the finished produc t!

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