Today class 8 went on an amazing trip to Embsay Crag to investigate our new topic… The Normans! Luckily the weather was on our side and we had glorious sunshine throughout the day, although it was a little windy at times! It all began with a journey on Tim, our school minibus. Once we had arrived, we had a short 15 minute walk to get to the location for our adventures to begin.

We split into 3 groups and rotated around different activities – archery, painting Norman shields and making Norman style houses. The children found out that houses in the time of the Normans would have been built out of wood and had a thatched, pitched roof. They used wood and straw to construct their own versions and tied everything together using twine. (We even had two friendly donkeys from the adjoining field,  judging our handy work!) The painting proved to be a little tricky due to the wind! The children painted their own Norman designs onto a ‘tear drop’ shaped shield and used canes to create a authentic mount.

The archery proved to be the most popular (I wonder why!). Considering our new English unit is based on the legend of Robin Hood, this was really useful and it turns out a couple of the children could give the famous man a run for his money!

A great time was had by all… so much so that the first question when we boarded the minibus back to school was, ‘What’s our next trip going to be?’

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