We have our very first ROCK HERO in Timestable Rockstars. Layton, Year 3, has quickly moved from Rock Star to Rock Legend and now to Rock Hero. To achieve this he has to be able to answer times tables and division facts up to 12 x 12 in less than 1 second per question. He is extremely quick on the computer and has achieved an average time of 0.99 seconds per question. Some of the pupils tested him orally and found he was just as quick and accurate!

Some pupils have made it to Rock Legend status answering questions under 2 seconds: Hadia, Ajwa, Yahya, Zunairah and Sahil. They were joined by Mrs Westwell and Mrs Burtoft who have practised hard to get to this level!

Also our Rock Stars with answers under 3 seconds are: Ahad, Sabeel and Declan.

To get onto the leader board pupils have to play in Studio and get a consistent time 10 games running.

Layton’s mum has made us a great Rock Hero outfit with a cape and mask emblazoned with the Times Table logo, guitars, stars and number facts.


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