During history, year 5 have been finding out about the propaganda which was used during the first world war and how this was only directed at men. We thought it would be interesting to find out how the military has changed over the last 100 years to include women in its ranks. Today, class 8 were visited by 2 female members of the army from the Royal Lancers – Lance Corporal Emblin and Private Langhorn.

During the visit, the children were able to try on some real military equipment including helmets, body armour and respirators. None of the them realised just how heavy this gear would be! We found out that, on exercise, the soldiers would have to carry 35kg of gear, including food rations, weapons and ammunition, sleeping bags and water. It was VERY heavy!

We found out that, unlike in WWI, women can join any branch of the army and take part any and all training. We didn’t realise just how hard some of the training was. Sleeping outside in nothing but a sleeping bag under a camouflage net in January for 3 weeks didn’t sound particularly pleasant! The children also took part in a mini army assault course in the hall – complete with leopard crawling and jumping over vaults. We even wore camo paint!

We also found out about the food which the army use when they are on exercise – some of it smelt delicious, but didn’t look particularly appetising! The flapjack and the fruit smoothies were very yummy though!

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