School Meals

Lunchtime is an important part of our school day and another opportunity for pupils to learn and develop. Choosing their school dinner, trying new foods and getting a healthy meal are all significant aspects.

We are extremely lucky to have a kitchen on site and amazing kitchen staff, Marie, Linda and Justine, who provide us with delicious, freshly cooked food every day. We work from Lancashire County Council’s menus to ensure an appropriate nutritional balance but Marie, our cook in charge, closely monitors what the children like best and will adjust where possible.

There is a rolling 3 week menu plan which is adjusted each term. Our menus always have two hot options, a baked potato option and a packed lunch option with a choice of puddings. There is always an halal option for the hot dinners.

During the year the ladies in the kitchen work with us to provide special menus for specific events e.g. Christmas dinner, Royal Jubilee, Pancake Day, Children in Need, Chinese New Year. We also have an annual “Bring a Friend to Lunch” week when children can invite a family member to join them. This has become very popular and is a much looked forward to event!

Currently all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free school meal.

The cost of a meal for all children in Key Stage 2, not entitled to Free School Meals, is £2.20. Monies should be paid at the school office. We ask that this is done in advance at least weekly.

It is still extremely important that parents apply for Free School Meals as schools are allocated extra money for every child who is eligible. Forms are available at the school office.

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