This afternoon, our bubble have made dream catchers. We realised that some of us were not sleeping very well at the moment so decided to talk about what our bedtime routine is and how important sleep is. Not only does it allow our bodies time to grow and repair themselves but also means that our brains work more effectively after they’ve had time to switch off for a bit!
Did you know that reducing screen time before bed helps you sleep! The light from the screen tricks your brain into thinking it is still daylight and prevents your brain from switching off! We decided to try and stop screen time for at least an hour before going to bed! Try it… it really helps!
We decided to make dream catchers out of paper plates, wool, beads and feathers. Hopefully they will catch all the good dreams which are floating around in the air and allow us to have a restful, relaxed and rejuvenating night. Skylar worked really hard to design her own dream recipe!

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