Class 6 were lucky enough to experience their second forest school session yesterday and the weather did everything in its power to test us.  We were all dressed head to toe in waterproof clothing and ready to face the elements whilst the rain fell continuously for most of the day; only clearing a little after lunch.  The river at Wycoller was very deep and had a powerful current as we passed over the bridge.  In fact, everywhere was water logged because of the recent weather and this meant we had lots of runny, splodgy, muddy piles to splash in on our walk to our learning zone.  Once we arrived, after a quick catch up on the rules, we played some games in the forest.  It was great fun trying to find hiding places amongst the branches and plants and a lot of children laid down on the ground to disguise themselves.  After the games session, we went on a bug hunt, looking for beetles, woodlice, worms, centipedes and other minibeasts.  We learnt lots of interesting facts about the creatures and used a dichotomous scale to identify our finds.  We put all the creatures into a tray to look closely at them.  Finally, after a biscuit and drink, we had some free time to do anything we liked.  Lots of children played in the mud or carried on searching for bugs.  Some children built dens or made dinosaur swamps.  It was an amazing day filled with fun and we can’t wait for next week!






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