Sparkle Room

EYFS/Key Stage 1 Nurture Provision

Pupils from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 can access Sparkle Room if they have an identified need for some additional support through nurture provision. This could be lack of confidence, poor self -esteem, social interaction or managing emotions.

The group operates every afternoon and can take up to 10 pupils. Mrs Lawson and Mrs Ellison lead the sessions overseen by Mrs Gupta our Special Educational Needs lead. Staff are all nurture trained.

When a child joins Sparkle Room a Boxall assessment is completed which highlights the specific aspects to focus on. Staff then set targets for each individual child to help develop these. The work is topic based and planned to target these aspects and will include curriculum aspects in line with the children’s abilities.

Children will typically spend between 2-3 terms in nurture provision before reintegrating fully into their class. Parents are fully involved in the process and invited to numbers of sessions.

The room is organised to reflect home environment. Sessions will include circle time, focused work and snack which all have specific roles to play in each child’s development.  Children will be in class in the mornings and also join their class for PE and at the end of the afternoons.

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