Class 6 have been working hard on revamping their reading corner and boosting interest in reading both in class and at home.  Did you know that if the children read three times a week at home, they get entered into the ‘Reading stars’ prize assembly, where they can win extra dojos and prizes?  In addition, extra reading in class or at play time is also rewarded, because reading is an essential skill which helps children in all areas of learning.  The National Literacy Trust recently discovered that there is a significant drop in boys’ interest in reading once they reach the age of 8.  With lots of class 6 boys already at 8, or soon to reach that milestone; we want to make reading as exciting as possible for the children in our class to ensure that they remain interested in books.

Did you know that, according to government statistics, children who have a positive attitude towards reading are likely to score more highly in assessments? Here are some other great things about reading…

  • Reading for pleasure means that children will have greater general knowledge in their adult lives
  • Reading for pleasure helps children in their personal development, as well as in education
  • Reading can promote good emotional health and wellbeing

In Class 6, we wanted to find a way to make reading a comfortable, exciting and immersive experience.  Our brand new reading environment features grass to walk on, park benches to sit on, sensory plants to experience and a countryside mural to give the feeling of being in a calming space.  We still have some things to add to our reading environment and hope it will be finished soon.  In the meantime, if you have any suitable books to donate or small plants, we would be very grateful to receive them.  If you have a child in Class 6, please see us if you would like any more help and support with reading at home or for helpful tips about engaging with reading.  You can also change your child’s reading book at any time to help them reach their reading goals!


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