On Monday 15th October, year 5 went on a trip to Blackhills Scout Camp, near Keighley. We completed lots of team activities to build our trust in others, listening skills and giving specific instructions to others.

The children completed a night lines course – each child was blind folded and partnered with someone whose job was to give effective and clear instructions. They had to follow a rope through the woods, avoiding low hanging branches, stones and slippery roots. It took a while for some children to understand that point and saying “This way!” doesn’t work very well when your partner can’t see!

These skills were also put to the test when completing a ‘barbed wire’ crawl activity and a trip lines challenge! the ultimate test of trust was when the children were asked to carry a member of their group on an rope stretcher. Working together was essential and communicating with each other made the whole task a lot easier!

We finished the day by trying to march in formation – this was VERY tricky! Just trying to stay in straight lines proved to be very hard! Although it was a challenge, the children worked very hard!

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