What did we find in the woods today? Well, there were some exciting artifacts that may have been left by the very famous Owl and Pussycat, from the classic Edward Lear poem because Class 5 discovered a ‘small guitar’, an oil lantern and even a ‘bong tree’!

After a scavenger hunt, looking for pictures from the poem, the children set to, building their own shelters out of twigs and branches strewn around the forest floor. The Pussycats used a rock to build their den around, whilst the Owls used two trees on which to erect their shelter. Mr Burtoft declared the competition to be a draw, as both shelters were equally  impressive.

Lunch was eaten in the great outdoors, many of us using the rocks as seats. Some children found the hot chocolate, made from water boiled on a real campfire, followed by toasted marshmallows, the best part of the visit. Others thought that the afternoon activities were the best part of the day. These included hoisting a sail, which was most impressive- Mr Burtoft said that Class 5 had probably done this better than any previous classes; then a game in which the teams competed to cross the ‘sea’ without getting their feet wet. The children could use natural features such as tree roots and rocks, or planks and slabs of wood, provided by Wildways. There was some fantastic teamwork involved and the look of achievement on the children’s faces was priceless.

When rating the day with a score out of ten, many children gave the day a ten but one or two children couldn’t contain themselves and we had “A billion,” and even “A trillion!”


Who would have thought that the children were brushing up on their Literacy skills, learning new scientific facts and exercising? – They just though they were having fun!


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