For their Maths lesson this morning, class 6 were learning about volume and capacity and had the chance to design a recipe for a revolting concoction.  The children had to complete three worksheets in total and figure out how to measure the volume of water in various jugs.  Once this had been completed, they had to design their own disgusting drink from the varieties provided, being sure to write down the quantity of each to ensure it fit inside the cup.  The children could choose from Bubblesup, Snozfumph, Vozcozzlum, Hiccople, Cozzleslup, Fanocuzzle, Hucklesphuzz, Fizzlewhip, Scuttlefuzz, Frogscottle and Bofflescoff.  Once the recipes were carefully checked by Mr Higgins, the children were allowed to taste their terrible tipples.  Zain said his tasted like spaghetti.  Eshan thought his tasted like bubblegum and Alishba’s was sweet and sour.  Ms James smelt some of the drinks and they were very stinky indeed!  Class 6 have hat lots of fun during their Science vs Maths lesson!

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