Into school and beyond


West Street is a very close knit school where children know staff and staff know children well. We encourage visits by parents and new children to build familiarity with the setting and staff. At least one formal open day is held in the Autumn term for new parents and quite often a second.

However we strongly believe in comprehensive transition arrangements at any stage of movement through the school. We work closely with other settings, other agencies and particularly parents to ensure all aspects of transition are as effective and smooth as possible.

Starting Nursery

Children joining our nursery usually start by doing an hour for the first few days. If needed parents can stay with them initially to build up confidence. As they settle they will increase their time to the full 2.5 hours. Staff will meet with parents to discuss any specific needs

Starting Reception

Children starting in reception will have 3 transition visits in the summer term before they start. They will also stay for their lunch on one day. The reception teacher will arrange visits during this term to gather as much information as possible. Visits will include home visits as well as visits to or from your child’s current nursery setting. For those children who attend our nursery

When the children start school the first two weeks will be half days with the class split into two groups. This allows staff to fully assess each child and to teach them the expected routines and procedures necessary for effective learning.

Transition into a new class

Every summer term we hold a transition day when children will spend the day in their new class. This helps them to get to know the routines and staff and for staff to get to know them. Due to the nature of our school children are already familiar with staff and this is generally an easy transition.

Children joining our school part way through a year will be invited to visit the school and particularly the class. Meetings with parents will help to identify individual needs.

Transition to High School

Our Year 6 teacher and SENDco will meet with staff from all High Schools that pupils are transferring to, in the summer term. High School staff usually also visit the pupils in our school setting. Formal transition days are held by the High Schools. Additional support and/or earlier transition arrangements will be organised and supported by our staff for any pupils requiring this.

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