Class 5 have had an enjoyable day exploring nature. To complete our river study we had first-hand experience of Wycoller Beck, wading in the water, examining the different bridges that cross the stream and looking at the creatures and plant life that inhabit the beck.

We collected a variety of leaves from trees native to the area and discussed the flowers and fruit that grow on them. We saw some fascinating webs- not spiders’ webs but actually moth webs! We saw some moths that had almost transformed from caterpillars as well as fully developed moths that flew around us. After collecting the leaves, we used these to create pictures by rubbing the leaves, through paper, using a wax crayon.

Our nature walk was very informative and we used our detective skills to try and work out which omnivore’s droppings John had picked up. It was long and cylindrical and contained grass and bones. What creature do you think left this package for us to find?

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