Reception class have been very busy, mixing up witches potions using science experiments (mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and adding glitter) we found that if we put in more liquid (vinegar) the cauldron would bubble up more.

The children have enjoyed other activities: in the malleable area – making spiders in the play-dough. In the mathematic area – putting the corresponding number of legs (pegs) onto the spider with the number on its body. In the literacy area we used our phonic knowledge to help us place the correct initial sound potions into the cauldron that had the correct letter on.

Outside in the mud kitchen we have investigating what is inside pumpkins – how they look, feel and smell. We will fill one of the pumpkins with soil this week and see if anything will grow or change over half term. Using the insides of the pumpkin and other potions we have been filling and pouring to make our own potions and casting spells – making up our own rhymes. All groups will have a chance to explore the pumpkins and make their own potions throughout the week.

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