Class 6 welcomed a visitor on Friday afternoon as they continue to learn about World War One. Mr Hartley a former secondary school History teacher and an avid collector of World War One souvenirs came to talk to the children about the trenches and in particular trench art.

Mr Hartley showed the children a range of artefacts he has collected including ammunition shells, bayonets, grenades, bullets, soldier’s medals and even a gun! Mr Hartley talked too the children about some of the things the soldier’s did in the trenches when they were bored – they made souvenirs for their loved ones. We learnt how trench art is made with brass shell cases being engraved and decorated and used for a variety of purposes. The boys and girls got to see and touch a range of these objects including match box holders, jugs, hot water bottles, sugar holders and button sticks (for cleaning brass buttons).

The children asked Mr Hartley lots of questions and really enjoyed their afternoon learning more about World War One.

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