On Wednesday children throughout KS1 and KS2 took part in our topic launch for this half term!

Mrs Burtoft gathered everyone in the hall on Wednesday morning to tell us about a mysterious envelope that she had received from Dr Cartwright – the Education Advisor for National Museums! Inside the envelope was a series of tasks the children had to complete. The end goal was for the children to create a museum exhibition in school based on the topic they found during an orienteering challenge!

The children had been challenged to complete an orienteering course , finding unusual symbols around the school grounds. Some children thought they recognised the symbols they found around the school grounds but when we got back into class we were left with a random string of corresponding letters. The big challenge was to try and find out what these random letters could make!

After a lot of head scratching, Googling and discussions we eventually found the phrase – ‘Canopic Jars’ which we found out were jars that the ancient Egyptians used to hold the organs of mummified people!

We are really looking forward to finding out about this ancient civilisation and creating our own Canopic Jars out of clay for our Egyptology museum –  but we won’t be filling them with organs!

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