West Street Community Primary School and Nursery

Physical Education

All children from nursery to Y6 engage in PE which cover the main areas of; games, athletics, gymnastics, dance and outdoor and adventurous. R to Y6 have 2 sessions of PE a week which can be focused upon one area or on two. We use the Lancashire scheme which helps to develop skills as the children move through the school.

From Y2 to Y6 children go swimming for 1 term every year with Y6 2 terms. We believe it is important to start swimming early and to enable children to develop their skills to at least be able to swim 25m unaided by the time they leave us.

Competitive opportunities are available through our clubs and through the wide range of events and competitions we enter. We arrange a number of outdoor and adventurous activities within the school grounds and away from school including problem solving , archery, residentials.

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