West Street Community Primary School and Nursery


We teach computing through out topic-based curriculum as well as discrete sessions, with skills, knowledge and understanding that the children need if they are to continue life long learning and living in our fast changing world. We employ a wide selection of software including word processing; data handling, LOGO, graphics and simulation packages, which help children, acquire these necessary skills.

Computing is an important tool for teaching and learning across all other subject areas. We endeavour to help pupils see ICT as a natural tool for research, analysis and presentation.  The school is well equipped with computers, interactive whiteboards in every classroom and data projectors but is always seeking to develop its resources. 

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West Street Community Primary School and Nursery
West Street, Colne, Lancashire BB8 0HW
Headteacher | Miss Sarah Watson | 01282 865840 | head@weststreet.lancs.sch.uk
Bursar | Mrs Carol Franks | 01282 865840 | bursar@weststreet.lancs.sch.uk
SENCO | Mrs Alysia Gupta | 01282 865840 | senco@weststreet.lancs.sch.uk
Pastoral Lead | Mrs Andrea Peake | 01282 865840 | apeake@weststreet.lancs.sch.uk
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