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I am delighted to join West Street School’s community as their new headteacher. I am excited about working with the children, parents, staff and governors of West Street to continue the school’s       on-going improvement journey. 

I believe that the role of a primary school should be to create in all its children a lifelong love of learning that will carry them through the transition from nursery to primary school, on to secondary school and beyond, giving them the best possible foundation for their working lives. As an experienced headteacher, I have learnt that consistent, explicit and high expectations of both pupils and staff are essential in securing ambitious standards of achievement, excellent progress and positive attendance. 

I want the pupils at West Street to flourish in a climate of security, support and positivity where they can learn and practise the key academic and personal skills necessary for thriving and adapting to the changing demands of twenty-first century life. 

I aspire for all the children at West Street to work in an exciting and positive environment where they 

  • Enjoy learning 
  • Feel safe – respect, value and support each other as learners 
  • Take risks and develop a ‘can do’ attitude 
  • Recognise mistakes and errors as a learning opportunity and persevere  
  • Set high expectations of themselves – their behaviour for learning, their progress in learning, their presentation, their positive relationships with others  

I expect the adults who work in school to 

  • establish positive working relationships with all children  
  • model learning and expected behaviour for the children  
  • treat all children fairly, with kindness and respect 
  • encourage, praise and reward 

I believe that when parents and staff work in real partnership they provide the best possible support for their children.

I look forward to getting to know you and your child as we embark on our journey through nursery and primary school together! 


"Parents say that the school has an outstanding reputation in the community.
This school is well led and managed by a highly effective headteacher who is well supported by senior leaders and governors."

January 2016

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