West Street Community Primary School and Nursery

Ducks, Fairies, Frogspawn and Sunshine!

Date: 1st Jul 2022 @ 10:14am

Wow!  Forest school started off beautifully this week with lovely sunshine and a chance for us to explore some of the new wildlife appearing at Wycoller.  We went under the willow tunnel and over a little wooden bridge where we could see ducks swimming in the river underneath.  Ms James taught the children how to spot which ducks were boys and which were girls – the ducks were bobbing their heads below water and sticking their bottoms in the air!  Next, we discovered 3 small ponds and spotted lots of fish swimming in each one – as well as lots and lots of frogspawn.  The children guessed correctly that tadpoles lived inside!  Some of the little fish we saw were a little bit like tadpoles.

We each got given a ‘spotting sheet’ to challenge each other on all the things we could see on our walk.  We looked for flying birds, spiders webs and flowers; there were some beautiful snowdrops and daffodils!  Then, we had a really super surprise when we found out that fairies live at Wycoller – there were fairy doors on some trees.  Hunter knocked on the door, but the fairies were sleeping.  We had already had amazing fun before we even got to the forest!

When we got to the forest, our leader, Bea explained that we would be making fairy houses by using a special sharp tool to cut up branches.  We each took turns to make the base for a fairy house that we will finish next week.  We also did lots of den building and made fairy food out of mud and leaves.  It was the most fun ever!

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