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Sports Premium


This is additional money allocated to schools to support provision of PE, sports and physical activities across schools and enabling sustainable improvements.

PE Grant   2019/20                  £17620

At West Street Primary School we have researched and identified several areas which we aim to improve and enhance through the use of Sport Premium funding, in order to raise participation and achievement for all pupils in PE, sport and physical activity. One area is to develop staff expertise in certain areas. This will have both short and long term impact upon progression and achievement for pupils.

We also feel it is important for our pupils to experience a wide variety of opportunities available through physical activity not only for skill development but for developing hobbies and interests and for their long term health and fitness.


We currently have a minibus which we use to arrange for activities that are inexpensive and encourage children to be physically active. Activities have included local weekend walks such as Bolton Abbey, outdoor and adventurous days such as den building in the woods, running and walking clubs after school. Having the minibus also enables us to take children to areas they have never been and to access local sports facilities.
By providing these opportunities we aim to see a sustained improvement in physical activity and engagement not just through curriculum but also extra curricular and when at home.
Please see the table below for how we are spending the grant now and also some of the targeted spending over the last few years.


 Areas to be targeted 2019/20:

  • Further develop use of outdoors for all learning
  • Ensure good progression across all year groups
  • Promote emotional well being
  • Positive engagement in activities for health
  • Increase the amount of physical activity with aim for 1 hour per day
  • Working with parents / families to promote all aspects of health
  • KS1 playtime provision to develop positive, health promoting activities



What we are doing


Intended Impact

Staff expertise

Specialist coaches to work alongside staff to develop areas of PE:


Improved teaching developing skill levels and progression across the school.






Resources purchased for delivery


Subject Leader (Mr Filder) to access training and support

2018/19 & ongoing

Ability to monitor and plan for progression and provision

Pupil engagement in sports activities & competitive sport

Pay into School Sports Partnership to enable us to access local competitions and events


Increased numbers of pupils participate in physical activities.

Enable wider variety of after school activities aimed at developing physical activities

On going

Competitive and non-competitive opportunities.

Extra Curricular engagement

Employ sports coach to deliver lunchtime and after school sessions for targeted year groups

April 2017 ongoing

Increased numbers of KS1 & Y3/4 pupils accessing sports. 80% took part in run a mile.
Targeted children participating in physical activity to support health needs/social emotional needs.
Number of behavioural incidents reduced.

Outdoor & adventurous

All classes to access 1 day a term with external instructor for developing outdoor & adventurous

Sept 17/19

Targeted activities to promote team building, risk assessment, aspirations.

Supporting additional swimming – increasing swimming sessions to 45 minutes from 30 minutes for Y2/Y3/Y4/Y5/Y6

Start lessons for Y2
Increase session to 45 mins

Aut 2017 - current

All children leave school with the ability to swim.
Increased numbers of children get involved in swimming activities.

Enhance playtime provision on Key Stage 1 to target positive physical play

Provide a wide range of activities to promote positive play

JSept 2019 ongoing

Children have less fall outs
Physical play is positive and promotes social & emotional learning

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