West Street Community Primary School and Nursery

Our Vision

We aim to take the school forward through a positive attitude to change and development and by working together across the whole learning community.

We will offer high standards of teaching and learning in order to enable each child to achieve their potential, intellectually, physically and emotionally. We recognise all our pupils as individuals and will nurture every aspect of their personality.

We will provide a sense of security, a welcoming atmosphere, a spirit of co-operation with each other, accessibility for parents and firm links with the wider community.

All members of the school community are made to feel valued, treated fairly, with respect and given opportunities to develop.

We aim to encourage all parents to take an active role in the development of the school through the activities undertaken by their children.

Pupils leaving West Street should be well equipped to play a positive and fulfilling role in the community, treat all people equally and be prepared for citizenship within today’s society.

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West Street Community Primary School and Nursery
West Street, Colne, Lancashire BB8 0HW
Headteacher | Miss Sarah Watson | 01282 865840 | [email protected]
Bursar | Mrs Carol Franks | 01282 865840 | [email protected]
SENCO | Mrs Alysia Gupta | 01282 865840 | [email protected]
Pastoral Lead | Mrs Andrea Peake | 01282 865840 | [email protected]
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