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Nursery Blog - 19/05/2023

Date: 19th May 2023 @ 10:44am

We have continued this week with the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.' 

In the craft area we made caterpillars using egg trays. The children used red and green paint like in the book. We also painted the fruits from the story using the water paints, trying to use the correct colours. Some children had a go at mixing colours, we discovered that we need red and blue to make purple.

At carpet time we all took part in a taste testing activity. We sampled all the fruits from the Hungry Caterpillar story. We then all had to vote which fruit was our favourite. The children used describing words to say what they thought about each fruit. The apples were described as crunchy and juicy and someone said the strawberries were sour. Plums actually came out on top as our favourite so we will be having these more frequently for our snack.

The children have also been developing their hand eye coordination threading beads onto strings to make their own caterpillars. Some recreated simple 2 colour patters and others counted how many beads they could fit on.

Outside this week we have enjoyed the sunny weather. Some have enjoyed dressing up and others have enjoyed getting the waterproofs on and exploring the mud kitchen. We also went onto the trim trail this week. The children enjoyed climbing and balancing and moved in a range of ways around and on the equipment.

The children are also looking forward to our caterpillars coming next week after our last ones did not do so good :-( Hopefully these ones will do better and we can watch them turn into beautiful butterflies!

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