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Nursery Blog - 23/6/23

Date: 23rd Jun 2023 @ 1:32pm

Miss Ingham was greeted on Monday by 3 butterflies in our net!  The children helped to release them on our playground and we waved them off as they spread their wings!

This week we started our new topic 'Summer.'

We started off by learning all about the seaside. We had a group discussion on the carpet using items related to our theme. The children each selected an object and told us what they knew about it already and we spoke about what we want to find out. We shared our experiences of being at the seaside or some told us about their past holiday's. The children had lots to say on this topic and they knew alot of good information already! Well done everyone!

In the craft area we made sandlecastles with paint and real sand. We have also been learning all about different sea creatures and animals you might see at the beach. We made starfish with paint and cheerios and we also passed around a real starfish at circle time! (a dried up one from the beach of course!) We practiced our cuttling skills to make jelly fish.

On Wednesday the bigger children went into reception with their new teacher Mrs Kozlow. They all had lots of fun and got chance to meet their new friends coming from other nurseries.


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