West Street Community Primary School and Nursery

Secret visitors in the forest

Date: 30th Jun 2022 @ 4:39pm

Today was a day of learning new skills in the forest and making unexpected discoveries!  We began our day by choosing either a dandelion or a forget-me-not from the grassy areas of Wycoller.  We only took one each so as to leave plenty of flowers for the butterflies and bees.  Once we had recalled the forest rules, we watched Bea demonstrate how to do the Japanese art form of Hapa Zome; using leaves and flowers and their natural dye to create artwork!  To make the pictures, we had to place our flowers under a piece of cotton and, wearing a protective glove, gently tap over each individual part using a short handled hammer.  The results were absolutely amazing and we learnt that dandelions and ferns made the clearest pictures.

We played a forest treasure hunt – searching for tree cookies we made recently.  Then, Ms James made magic wands with the children while Miss brown helped the children with den building.  As usual, there were loads of other activities to choose and Lottie, Melissa and Taylor had a super time in the hammock!

As if our day wasn’t exciting enough, we suddenly spotted that some visitors had arrived.  Some teeny tiny winged people had moved into our fairy village.  The children spotted quite a few new families in our fairy cottages and it was such a lovely sight on a Spring morning.  We are very lucky that the fairies have chosen to stay with us, but we must not touch them in case we spoil their magic.


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