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Sounds amazing!

Date: 12th Sep 2023 @ 8:46pm

This afternoon, as part of their science topic, year 4 have been investigating sound and how it is created.

We found out that all sound is created by vibration and the larger the vibration, the louder the sound. To find out more about vibration, the children completed a variety of experiments. They used tuning forks to find out how, even if you can't see the vibration, it can have a significant impact. We placed ping pong balls on top of the speaker and noticed that when the sound was on, they moved about a lot – the louder the sound was, the more they moved. This was because of the vibrations. We used ping pong balls and saw that when the vibrating tuning fork touched it, the ball jumped away! We also placed a tuning fork into a cup of water and noticed that it created lots of ripples and water sprayed out. All this was through vibrations! We even placed rice crispies on the skin of a drum and when we hit the drum - they went everywhere!

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