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Spring has Sprung in the Forest!

Date: 30th Jun 2022 @ 4:52pm

What a super day it was at forest school this week!  The sun was shining all around and we could see all the gorgeous spring flowers, insects and animals.  As it was year 3’s first visit, we started our day by going through the forest school rules and discussing how to keep ourselves safe in a new environment.  The children were very good at thinking of ways to keep safe – Aashir even took on the role of ‘camp medic’ for the day (and he took that role VERY seriously.)

The children played a hunting game; finding hidden ribbons in all kinds of places!  They then got some free play time to make tree cookies, build dens, hunt for bugs and play with the mud kitchen.  We found lots of long millipedes this week – Athena named hers Henry!  We also found beetles and worms and Bea even found some butterflies.

Later in the day, we put up a hammock and took turns at relaxing in it.  The teachers had to find the right trees to attach the hammock to – at first it touched the floor!  The hammock was great fun and we even managed to fit more than one person into it.

When we set off on our way home, we found that a mummy sheep had accidentally got lost in the road with her two babies.  We opened the farm gate to try to let her go through, but the sheep got scared and tried to run away.  Ms James was very worried.  Then, the sheep got scared again and ran towards a cattle grid.  One of her babies tried to run across it and started to fall.  Ms James sprinted into action and got into the cattle grid and grabbed the lamb, who sadly now had it’s front legs and head stuck.  Luckily, with a bit of help from Miss Brown, the lamb was soon reunited with it’s mummy.

What a busy and lovely day we all had.  It was smiles all round ?

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