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The Aliens have been

Date: 1st Jul 2022 @ 10:45am

The aliens have landed!! Reception discovered something extraordinary outside this week. The children were intensively inquisitive, wanting to know why and who had been. The clues were: baby bears helmet (ref: Whatever Next), slime – later we discovered this was alien slime, underpants, and finally; a book – Aliens love underpants. The children used their clip boards to record their findings and piece the clues together – ALIENS!!

There was lots of giggles and fascinating ideas as to how the aliens had arrived at our school – “the aliens must have jumped off the moon”, ” they came on a rocket or a spaceship”.

Some of the children touched the slime: it felt, “sticky, gooey, squishy”, some thought this might turn you into an alien, we waited eagerly to see if any of the children turned into an alien, fortunately – it didn’t.

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